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Sea Change Voyage


A sailor’s narrative of a voyage to the end of the planet. To the south of the south, to Antarctica. Putting the pieces of life’s intricate puzzle in place along their five year search, these two men naturally discover the thread that ties us all together. Scott and Brandon both made a similar promise to their elders when they were children, that one day, they would go on a quest to see for themselves. Leave all that was familiar, and make their own judgement of culture, philosophy and the nature of man. To stand in Earth’s most powerful landscapes and feel the essence of life first hand. These two young adventurers show you the world through eyes wide open. Their lens gives new insight to the cultures of this globes ever changing state of being, especially in this time of great division among all nations. Discovering along their way, the cost of life’s richest moments can only be paid with their relentless will to see further. This richness and the fading memories of the journey are all they’re left with. Inspiring anyone watching to embark on a quest of their own. This is a human study that reveals the connective tissue between worlds apart. The crew finds their freedom through exploration and comes to terms with the torment of failures and close shaves while on this voyage. To dive deeper into what this series is, think Anthony Bourdain meets The Endless Summer. A true cultural adventure, break-out-of-your-shell, slow burn journey.


Main crew

12_Raul Marin Balmaceda-20190807-61.jpg


More commonly known as Captain Barbosa, is a mid-thirties sailor that grew up drifting around the States with his mother and sister. Like the breeze, they lived life going from one new landscape and experience to another. Nowhere was home but Barbosa always knew he felt the most connected when he was in nature. His father, an old hermit woodsmen, showed him the power of his own natural instincts early on. He never let those lessons go far from his thoughts. In addition to Barbosa’s passion for exploration, he’s been working in the film industry around the world for the last 17 years as a director of photography. As an Emmy Award winning cinematographer, he lives to share stories and chase life’s greatest moments.

Crew Shots-20171005-16-.jpg


He is an early thirties typical Southern California beach boy who always seems to find the humor in life even during the most testing of times. This voyage is an eye- opening journey for Scottsman as much as it is for the viewers. As men of the sea, his  father and grandfather both planted a seed within his spirit as a child. Whether it’s to  surf, sail, fish, or dive, he’s always being drawn back to the sea. As a waterman and an avid photographer he has dedicated his life to the oceans and sharing his experiences with others. He’s been a professional  divemaster, skipper, engineer, a carpenter, tactition, electrician and navigator all in preparation for this voyage. With his magnetic smile and arms wide open, he welcomes all walks of life into his world.

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Rochelle has been our anchor for the last five years in a storm of global production and throughout some of the worlds most demanding environments including many third-world countries. As our Executive Producer, she always keeps things moving smooth…even if it means she has to fly to us in the Amazon to hand deliver the impossible for us to get crucial production elements. She is a magical woman of production and makes the impossible possible when seemingly untouchable. Rochelle, the greaser of all wheels and angel for the Sea Change Production. We cannot thank her enough for all that she has done and continues to do for us. From the bottom of our salty hearts, thank you so much Rochelle for being at our side through thick and thin, for your dedication to this production and your wonderful personality.

Four legged crew



Domburg+Days-8LOW RES.jpeg





Designed by the well known Bob Perry who has also helped design other blue water boats such as the Valiants, Passports and Tayanas. Built by the talented craftsman in Taiwan under the meticulous eye of Chuck Chen. She displaces 28,000 lbs and has an external lead ballast of 11,300 lbs. with a sail area of 927 sq. ft. She has a modified fin keel and skeg hung rudder with bronze heel fitting at the base of the skeg. The hull is of a single piece fiberglass, alternating mat and roving hand laid, cored with 3/4" AIREX. Hull to deck joint is a full "T" section toerail fastened every 2 1/2" with 5/16" S.S. bolts & 5200. 

portada log 1.jpeg

Cool Change

1984 LaFitte 44'. Hull #47; Cutter rigged sloop with a canoe stern.

LOA: 44' 4 1/2"  LWL: 35' 5 3/4"  Beam: 12' 8"  Draft: 6' 4" though a bit more like 6' 9" loaded.

Interior is of 3/8" Burma select teak and Hanoki. Engine is Perkins 4-154, 62 hp diesel equipped with a 130 amp alternator and a 3 bladed folding maxi-prop. This vessel was designed with the thought of being heeled over; all cabinetry are positive locking with stainless steel protection plates to prevent from objects accidentally opening, well placed hand-holds throughout the cabin, leecloths on the day berths, and a galley harness to keep both hands free while cooking up in whatever weather we choose.

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