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Frozen in time

Tonight below decks the fire in the wood stove is roaring and that cold wind howls in CC's rig. Winter has fully set here in the south. The mountains hanging over this little anchorage are covered in snow now but we are nestled warmly in the womb of our vessel. The weather is strong in this region at best, it blows hard from the Southwest and when the skies clear for a day or so we take in the shore lines, haul our anchor and and make a run further south looking for the next refuge from the wind and weather. It's a game of cat and mouse in this great archipelago. As always, but more so here, we are dictated by our mother we call nature. It's one of the last frontiers left on this planet and we now have found those feelings we have been searching for our entire voyage; peace, solitude and freedom. There are not many people living in these latitudes but the ones we encounter along our way are warm with a hint of hardness brought about by this unforgiving environment. As we peer deeper into this portal at the southern end of the planet we know we have now found a place where the wild ones call home. With every mile made good by this ‘ol ship we are filled with an even greater sense of gratitude for the life and all of its gifts that it gives. On this voyage, we have now found love and lost love, we have made life long friendships and lost friends along the way, we have come to terms with a slower rhythm of life and reconnected with what truly stirs our souls. It brings tears to our eyes when we thumb through the countless memories of this journey of metamorphosis. Our crew has changed the hands of 11 young strong adventurers now but Scottsman and I still keep the course true our dreams clear in our hearts. Know we are fairing well onboard CC, life's essence is all around us giving birth to a whole new perspective in our minds. We won't ever stop dancing with the winds out here on the horizon. More to come my friends, the voyage of Sea Change continues.


Ps. Captain Peanut is happy, healthy and living the good life now with two furry sisters (Para and Rosé) and one furry brother (Chonchito). The Viking clan is growing strong.....

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