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Entry 1: We gotta go!

Over 30 years and 30,000 nautical miles later, she’s still a beauty. Brandon looking down from atop the mast. Scottsman and Peanut watch as he sands down the corrosion that has built.

One of the first projects was replacing this corroded throttle as well as the gear shift and throttle cables that ran to the engine. Notice the custom teak block it’s resting on. ;)

The lazarette (aka the garage) is where we store all our big toys, scuba gear, paddle board, BBQ, generator, extra lines, storm sails, scuba compressor, extra rigging, other spare parts and so, so much more. Anytime we need something in the laz we have to pull everything out, jump down there and dig until we find what we are looking for. On the next boat we’ll have a walk in garage ;)

In the bottom of the laz lies the culprit to most the leaks on the boat, crusty old hoses! These hoses run water out of the bilge and the motors exhaust. They’ve been sitting on salt water and sludge for sometime now. Some of them fall apart with just a little tug.

Ripping out the old hose was a fun task! Spending many hours of many days down in the bilge and laz in the Florida heat, sweating bullets. We really got to know her inside and out.

Fresh paint in the lazarette. Another fun job, we would see who could last longest down there in the heat and heavy toxic paint fumes before one of us passes out!

Fresh new hoses!

Scottsman cleaning up the heads that haven’t been touched in a while! A pretty important task. Before we had working heads, we would just poop in a bucket on deck. Miss those days sometimes.

New paint, new gaskets, new hardware. Rebuild complete!

The finished product. Made of cast bronze and thick leather piston rings. Not one plastic piece on this head. The test of time has proven, she’s built to last.

The two forward hatches leak pretty bad when it rains or when waves crash on the bow, we repainted and rebedded both. Unfortunately, they both still leak, which means the problem is in the deck. We may redo the entire teak deck one day, and hopefully fix all the little leaks we’ve discovered.

New battery charger and power inverter!

And our shiny new wind geni

The original gauge cluster on CC had seen its days. Here Scottsman is building a brand new one from scratch.

The longest lasting project on the boat, a charging issue with the dang alternator. For some reason this thing wasn’t charging our batteries. The old wiring had been custom rigged and difficult to decode. Here Brandon and Scottsman confide in a local electrician legend, David. After getting advice from David and many others we finally got the charging issue worked out hours before we pushed off. It turned out to be the dated alternator charge controller.

The past few months have been a lot of work and a huge learning experience, but we still find time to chill hard.

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